The Crow

This is just a small story of me getting a book and trying some new yoga moves. I came home after work as I tend to do most days, but this time I got into the living room and found a book. A great wee book called Power Yoga for athletes. Now I am no athlete, far from it to be fair, but I have been growing to love yoga and really getting my arse in gear and doing it as much as possible. Wee pat on the back for me.



I gave my book a quick flick through before retiring to the computer to play games. I know, I know. Why look at a yoga book and not do any yoga. I had just finished work, give me a break. Goodness. Anyways but to the story. I played games and went to bed. The next day I did Yoga. (See told you I did yoga.) A great wee session, I really went for it. Made a coffee and sat down to my book. I found out I did a few poses wrong and went back to fix them, man, what a difference that makes. But I came across the crow.

I really want to get into doing handstands and the crow is a great start. So I got excited and went.

“I am fucking doing the crow.”

The Crow, Not as cool as the movie though

What followed was me wabbling and falling over. I forgot how hard it is to actually hold your body weight up. But then it happened I held myself off the ground, for a few seconds. I thought to myself. I am doing it. This small break in concentration, caused me to fall forward and boink on the head. As I sat there with my head on the floor, just about between my legs. I had a chuckle and just thought. Progress.

If you can’t laugh and accept falling over and looking stupid, then you can’t and won’t get past it. Just smile and do it all over again.

Featured Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash


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